PRISTINA is creatively venturing into new territory, where no other beverage company has ventured before - by moving beyond single-use beverage bottles! Because of the uniqueness of the Pristina Crystal Water Concentrate, our company is in an oppor­tune position to consist­ently promote the use of refillable water bottles and encourage the sustainable practice of “reuse, reduce, and recycle”!

    As a benefit corporation, all products offered by Pristina will contain the highest quality organic ingredients and will honor fair-trade practices in a manner that "optimizes health, builds community, and heals the planet!" 

    To learn more about the win/win opportunities offered by Pristina, go to our "Contact Us" page and let us know more about your interest in becoming a part of this innovative new business venture that is fully committed to creating a healthier and happier planet!


    JAMES AND SABINE are passionate about life, and what is more fundamental to the sustenance of life than WATER! Water, they assert, is the quintessential link that joins all beings together as ONE PLANETARY FAMILY! 

    James and Sabine believe that water will be the future source of all renewable energies; one drop of water will hold far more bits of information than all memory chips combined; and water will become the primary medium that will catapult the "new organic economy"!

    Our challenge now, they submit, is to recognize that humans are a part of nature, rather than separate, and that all lifeforms serve a vital role in the healthy functioning of the whole. In the near future, this understanding will engender a metamorphosis redefining the way that we live and do business, which will ultimately expand the meaning of "prosperity" to include the health and wellbeing of all life on the planet!