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The Three Essentials of Water: Purity, Balance, & Vitality

    Water is the single most important ingredient to life! Virtually all organisms living on the planet are primarily comprised of water. Throughout the span of history, there has been a special type of water that is considered to be unique and distinct from all other waters and is believed by many to be sacred and alive with healing energies. In modern times, this special water is defined as “living crystal water” – water that coalesces in the form of beautiful hexagonal crystal geometries and looks much like a microscopic snowflake.

    Nature is continuously producing this "living water" through a recycling design of: evaporative distillation, solar revitalization, and condensation. The end result is energetically enlivened water that is: 1) ultra-pure, 2) pH neutral, and 3) crystal structured

    The Pristina Crystal Water Concentrates have been tested and verified by Dr. Emoto’s IHM Laboratory for its crystal vitality, and by the Los Alamos National Laboratories for its ultra-purity and pH-neutrality. Discover the soft clean taste and the exceptional health benefits of crystal pure water produced by the Pristina Concentrates!


Numerous independent studies, such as those done by the World Health Organization, confirm that the healthiest and best hydrating waters are “pure, clean, and pH neutral rainwaters.”, which are produced by nature. Pristina has successfully replicated nature’s recycling design in order to produce an optimum hydrating water which is also: ultra-pure, pH neutral, and crystal structured.


When nature produces its pure crystal rainwater, the pH is normally between 6.8 and 7.0, which is in the neutral range. This means that virtually all living organisms are designed for pH neutral water – thus explaining why our cellular fluids are also in the 6.9 pH neutral range. Highly purified waters drop dramatically into acidic territory. And highly alkaline waters can also be harmful because they are excessively hard waters due to their heavy mineral content. Extremes in either direction can be detrimental to our general health and wellness. Water that is pure and pH neutral not only hydrates better, but it also helps to stabilize and sustain the pH balance of our bodily fluids.


Water is more than just a combination of one oxygen and two hydrogen molecules. When the H₂O molecules are stable, the angle of the hydrogen molecules is 104.5°. This angle allows the molecules to align and interconnect with each other in order to form a three-dimensional geometric sphere called a “dodecahedron”. It is a combination of these twelve-sided symmetrical spheres that ultimately forms the beautiful water crystals, which produce the high levels of energetic vitality sometimes referred to as “living water”. When water is filtered and purified, however, this 104.5° angle becomes unstable and the water crystals fail to form. Hence, these processed waters are clean, but are highly acidic and lacking in the important vital energies that promote superior hydration and cellular nourishment. Discover the “aliveness” of liquid crystals, it’s like drinking pure melted snowflakes!